Attacked by China! 被中国同胞攻击啦!

So I got an email from the company who hosts xuanzi and I’s website, (plug) dreamhost. They claimed that our website was creating so much traffic that the other customers sharing our server were being affected! My impressions of our blog has always been a modest one; I assumed that on rare occasions a friend or family member dropped by to check out our pictures. Curious and confused I logged into the statistics page for our website and to my surprise the connections to our site had jumped from 22,000 for all of last year to nearly 4.6 million thus far this year! So our life is on the web and I figured some people knew about us and cared to drop in from time to time, but not the entire world…

Web Stat Small

Scratching my head I decided to dig a little deeper with the tools provided by my web host. It didn’t take long to see that 99% of the incoming request were from all kinds of chinese websites and blogs! I discovered that we had placed a few sound files deep within our file server for personal use and some how people had found them and linked directly to the file! Our website was hosting music for a plethora of chinese web blogs!!! China, I love PPStream but I don’t want to be YOUR PPStream!

A few quick deletes and two days later our website stats are back to normal: 2 connections in the last day, one from me and the other from xuanzi! Finally a return to normality.


One Month, 200 Miles 一个月, 322公里

I’m now one month into my bike commute experiment and it’s starting to look more like a lifestyle choice. After purchasing my commuter bike this past Memorial day I’ve managed to commute over 200 miles (322 kilometers) in 30 days. Although that’s feeble compared to a marathon biker, it’s twice as many miles per month then I at first intended to ride by bike to work! My goal is to commute at least 600 miles this year and being a third of the way to that goal I think it’s time to raise the bar a bit higher.

Achieving 200 miles meant riding every weekday (missing only a single day) and of those days sometimes I’d make 2 commutes when I needed to head back to work after dinner. It was those late night trips after a long work day that were really hard to resist jumping in my car. I’ve now reaffirmed that the bike was an excellent investment in my health, the planets health, and my pocket book!

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Personal and Environmental Responsibility

In a world where Exxon Mobile, the largest Oil Company in the world, is posting historically record breaking profits, I have to ask myself if it really makes sense that I drive 4.4 miles to work everyday. Gas prices in California are well above $4/gallon and are on their way to being $5 or more. With Global Warming finally becoming a familiar part of our lexicon ( watch An Inconvenient Truth ), people who make green choices in their life style are no longer societal outcast. In the same way the term “computer geek” has evolved from a demeaning label into one that’s more socially trendy, it’s cool to go green.

But, this isn’t about sticking it to “the man” or being a cool generation-Y green tech geek, this is about personal and environmental responsibility to consciously reduce my individual carbon footprint. If there’s going to be a world that will be safe and sustainable for generation-Z then I need to do my part now. So, driving a car such a short distance to work everyday just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for my own personal health and the health of the environment.

This past weekend I made the decision to join a minority of people and start bike commuting to work! I picked up an affordable hybrid commuter bike, the Schwinn Voyageur GSD, during the Memorial Day sale craze. Now my 4.4 mile 10 minute stop and go car commute has been transformed into a 3.6 mile 18 minute smooth ride through parks and bike trails with a zero carbon emission footprint!

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GF&BF -> Fiance

Few days ago when Russ asked me what I wanted, I jokingly said I wanted a star from the sky. This reminded me of an old post on the Tianya BBS. The post was about a girl asking her boyfriend for a star and it went something like this:

Her: So you will bring me anything I want, right?
BF: Of course baby!
Her: Hmmm….I want a star in the sky.
Bf: Come over here and just let me hit your head and you will see a lot of stars moving around, baby.

There were hundreds of girls making comments and telling people what their boyfriends answered. I saw the post almost 4 years ago but I still remember how impressed I was by the funny but smart answers.

Yesterday we went to Uvas Canyon Park for hiking. We stopped in front of a small waterfall to take a break. After taking a few pictures of us we gave each other a big hug and I felt thankful for spending the weekend together at such a nice place. Suddenly he said “I’ve been thinking about the star thing for the last few days. Maybe, just maybe, I could capture a star for you while it’s sleeping during the day”. As he said this he reached up into the air as if grabbing something from the sky. When he turned his hand I saw there was a sparkling diamond ring!!! I felt I was gonna cry….I was SO happy, SOO touched and SOOO excited, I couldn’t do anything but hug him tightly…
Then he took the person who couldn’t stop smiling silly since then( Me ) down the hill and went home. On our way home he asked me where I wanted to have a late lunch, he said whichever fancy restaurant I wanted to go. Finally I suggested Wendy’s, because It’s fast and it’s on the street right by our place.

So, our engagement day = hiking + Wendy’s. :D

I really like what it says:


Adventure Hat! 冒险帽子!

My New Hat Every man needs an adventure hat! Unless of course he doesn’t go on adventures, but that begs the question, why not?! Since attempting to be more active outdoors I’ve been needing a good hat that can last through my rugged adventures. I stumbled upon this hat at REI today and wow, what a deal. After being discounted 3 times, I got another 50% off making the hat only $4! Since she’s the queen of stylish discount clothing, I bet 璇子宝宝 would be really proud of my accessorizing! :D
This brings us to another question…Should men accessorize? I really love it when 璇子 mixes her style up with a cool hat or bright belt. Other times she will tie her hair up with something special or layer up with random cloths. It makes a good suprise! So, why shouldn’t men buy random acessories to mix their own style up from time to time. I was looking through my junk and it’s all a bunch of blue and green shirts with jeans. I guess that’s my style…it must get boring for 璇子 sometimes, but hey at least she knows I’m consistent! ;) The truth is, I think guys like to, but we prefer not to call it accessorizing. For me, it’s definitely time for a change. Maybe I’ll buy 10 gray shirts instead of 10 blue ones…I’m hopless. If I want to really accessories in style I’ll just have to wait for 璇子!

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Half a world away…

Yesterday Morning 丽璇 flew home to China for the first time in 2 years. I can’t imagine the feeling of being unable to see all the people I care about for that long; naturally I was more than happy to support her decision to fly home. I’ve survived the first 24 hours with her being a half a world away, but there is still a month to pass before I’ll see her again.

Such a distance made me think a little bit about how amazing and unpredictable life can be. You can plan all you want, but you can never be certain of your life’s destination. 丽璇 and my life was certainly changed when our two paths crossed. It’s extraordinary that two people from two completely different places in the world can find so much commonality in their personal culture. I remember thinking how much smaller the world seemed when our lives merged…but today it feels a little bigger than I would like :D

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Happy Birthday Xuan zi!!!

Tokyo Love Story Happy 23rd Birthday 璇子宝宝!!



I never noticed how many calories i was taking when i was enjoying my eating at Quzino’s or Taco Bell until other day when i found out that my fav food at Taco Bell– Nacho Bellgrandy has as much as 790 calories. I was totally shocked and scared, and i kept looking for the calories of Quizno’s honey mustard chicken sandwich, also is my fav fav food, but i was very disappointed that Quizno’s refused to offer the nutrition of their food. Then i found a blog that people there were talking about this, they said one regular honey mustard chicken sandwich may have 1500 calories. I was so impressed because i know the amount of calories my body usually burns every day is about 2000 calories, but i used to have lunch at Quizno’s and have dinner at Taco Bell…and i drink non-diet soft drink and eat chips and dessert. Now i know why i gained extra 10 pounds just in a pretty short time. I learned that we have to burn 3500 calories to lose one pound. Does that mean if we make extra 3500 calories stay in our bodies, we gain one pound fat? If that is true, i take 1000 extra calories everyday, then i can gain 2 pounds in a week, that means i can gain 8 pounds in a month, and that also means i can gain 48 pounds in half a yr. That sounds so crazy! I don’t really wanna gain that much weight on my body, i mean at wrong places… SO, after been doing a lotresearch, i decided to try one method called 3 day diet meal. Accually today is the last day for the meal thing, but Russ hided the scale so i dont know if it works on me or how much weight i have lost until tomorrow morning. Oh yeah, we are gonna rock climbing tomorrow early morning. I never been to try that although Russ invited me so many times, because i think rock climbing is dangerous, haha. It always made Russ feel maybe a little bit frustrated after he had tried so many times to convince me that it is just a kind of actives and it is pretty safe. Anyways, i am gonna see how that sound-dangerous exercise works, accually i am kinda looking forward that..heehee~~~Okay, he brougt laundry back and i am gonna help him fold clothes, sometimes i didn’t do a good job though. But i am happy doing things with him. yeah yeah~~~~~



Mini_XuanZi 璇子 and I went on our first vacation to Disneyland this past weekend. We had two fun filled days of joy and complete silliness! Once 璇 got her minnie mouse ears there was no stopping the kid inside of her! :D We braved the dark on Space Mountain and survived the Tower of Terror, but I found out that 璇子 is afraid of rollercoasters when she almost cried in total fear and happiness! She is so complicated!

We took so many pictures, but the best collection of pictures are in our Disneyland gallery below… 我们拍了巨多照片,挑了一些放在迪斯尼的相册里,大家快去看吧~~!


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有点麻烦,希望赶快过去. 加油!


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